Pre-Audit Services & Assessments               

                     The 3 Steps to Compliance                      


We will assess your current activites & practices against Legal & Contractual requirements, identifying gaps and therefore risks to your operations.


This includes Vehicle Maintenance, Driver Management and Corporate Policies, Procedures & Practices.


Don't fall foul due to a recent change in law or missed opportunity.


Using your assessment audit we can advice you on the routes to best practice and whole fleet compliance.


We can provide documentary templates, facilitate relevent and suitable training resources and give your vehicle management that extra step so nothing is missed.


This will set you up for continued compliance or as a springboard for progression.


When everything is in place, book your audit to demonstrate to your clients, the industry and legal entities that you are doing eeverything (and more) that is required of a safe, legal operator.


Internal audits & compliance assessments can be arranged, especially when laws and Standards change.

We have been involved with over 400 FORS, CLOCS and JAUPT audits and assessments. Our consultants have also managed vehicle fleets, obtaining and retaining FORS Gold Accreditation for 6 audit cycles.


As such we know what the auditors want to see, and how you can best present your evidence in a clear and consice way that they can report.


We do this by comparing your current documented policies, procedures and processes against the requirements of the standards to increase your chances of a first time pass.


As you progress from Bronze towards Silver and Gold we can assess the suitability of the information you are submitting, and provide approved templates to ease your evidence presentation.


We would welcome the opportunity to provide an assessment as to your current complaince status.


This will involve a site visit to enable an assessment of your current policies, procedures, documentation and record keeping.


We will produce a comprehensive report containing a detailed action plan identifying areas that can either bring you in line with legal regulatons, or how to implement industry best practices.

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